My individual workshops are essentially personalized mentoring sessions, in which I demonstrate my complete process when carrying out a photo shoot. Over the course of a 6 hour period, I will walk the participant through conceiving a unique concept and taking the necessary steps toward bringing it to life. The student will learn techniques for appropriately lighting a scene, creating a character through styling and posing, and developing a distinctive photographic style. We will then take that knowledge and put it into action through shooting on location. Additionally, I offer a look into the business side of photography (branding, social media, licensing) as well as a complete lesson in my post-processing techniques.

It is my intention to tailor each workshop to each individual student, so that he or she benefits from the experience to the highest degree. There is no strict formula to each lesson. Rather I alter the day specifically based on preceding communication with the student.

There are no prerequisites, and no experience is necessary to take a workshop. The student doesn’t even need to own a camera! I’d be just as happy teaching camera settings and basic lighting methods to someone new to photography as I would be organizing an elaborate setup with high fashion designs and models, if the individual simply desires new material to boost his or her portfolio.

I am based in Orange County, California and will give the workshops there, in familiar locations featured in my existing work, unless otherwise requested or noted.

However, I am also available for travel both domestically and worldwide. I would love to bring a workshop to you wherever you may reside. Additional fees will apply, dependent entirely upon the circumstances and destination, including but not limited to transportation and accommodations.

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